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Build Your First VR Experience in Just 2 Weeks

Come all you dreamers, designers, builders and innovators. The wait is over!

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual reality, the next tech frontier, is upon us. Google’s Project Tango, Microsoft’s HoloLens, Apple’s AR, the HTC Vive, and Oculus Touch are the first generation, and those who have experienced it know its potential.

The Internet brought us closer together like never before, with the benefits still profoundly affecting us all. But we have only been working from a flat 2D screen that has mostly been an isolated, static experience — until now.

VR and AR are game changers, just like the Internet and the Cloud before them. This technology promises to bring your applications out of your computer and into your world. No longer will your ideas, expression, and creativity be limited to a small rectangular box on your desk.

Virtual reality lets you explore new worlds — from the deep recesses of our oceans to outer space. From factual to fantasy, stories can be created and experienced like never before.

Augmented reality lets you work in the most ergonomic and intuitive manner conceivable, receiving timely information about people and products in your immediate environment. From treating complicated diseases to designing cars, augmented reality is already giving companies a huge edge.

Step Into VR Development

So how can forward-thinking developers learn and build on this new technology? Code Fellows and Chronos Global Academy are partnering together to offer an in-person virtual reality training course for software developers.

See the Upcoming Course »

Chronos, a Seattle-based VR/AR training organization, offers quality education in this burgeoning industry to talent from around the world. Experienced staff from the industry teach new and upcoming technologies, from Unreal Engine to HoloLens.

With the huge potential that virtual and augmented reality have on our current systems, Chronos Global Academy and Code Fellows are excited to bring their training to more software developers in Seattle and beyond.

Welcome to the Future!

Virtual and augmented reality are poised to impact our way of life, just as the personal computer, the Internet, and mobile devices did before it. The technology to create fantastic, mind-blowing experiences is already available. The only thing missing missing is content, talent, and expertise.

Seattle is becoming the next tech epicenter of the West Coast, and now is your chance to influence the direction of this new, innovative technology.

Ready to take the first step towards developing Virtual Reality environments? See what you’ll learn in our upcoming course »

Want more great content as you learn to code? See what’s new on the Code Fellows blog »

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