Cracking the Coding Bootcamp: How to Succeed After the Hurricane

A Bit About Me

Arrange Your Priorities

  • The dreaded technical interview
  • Mastering the skills you just learned in class
  • Shoring up your fledgling professional network
  • Continuing to learn and grow as a software developer

1. Figure out what kind of job you want and practice the skills you need to get it.

2. Improve your whiteboard skills.

3. Expand your professional network.

  • Attend hackathons. I found this to be incredibly useful. As someone who fails at meetups, hackathons were a much more effective networking tool. Why? Because you closely work with a small team for two days. After that, your network will suddenly gain three to four people who can directly vouch for your skills. And you may even make a few friends!
  • Check out the monthly Hacker News hiring thread. You’ll see the exact skills companies are looking for, and I found that directly emailing people in the thread yielded a reply more often than not.
  • Cold message people on LinkedIn. This may feel uncomfortable at first, but this is how I got the lead for my first job. LinkedIn has a paid option that lets you message a finite number of out-of-network members each month. Take advantage of this! Search for the job you want and you’ll likely find a few recruiters looking for people like you.
  • Keep up with bootcamp alumni. This is one of the most important things you can do. At my first job at OfferUp, we hired a number of Code Fellows graduates, most of whom were referred by another graduate. This isn’t uncommon at all. I found it helps to continue working at your bootcamp’s space if possible, and organize ways to keep in touch with your fellow alumni.
  • Talk to recruiters. I was lucky enough to get coffee with a number of great recruiters in Seattle, and their help was invaluable. Even if they don’t have any directly useful leads, it is a recruiter’s job to have a great network, so they can likely point you to a senior engineer in your field, or other professional contacts who can expand your network. I found that people generally want to help junior engineers, and it never hurts to ask.

Final Thoughts



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