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How to Choose a Stack, Part 2: Full-Stack JavaScript

Exploring a career in tech, but unsure which language to learn first? In this series, we’re detailing the pros of each language you can learn here at Code Fellows to help make that decision a little easier.

As you explore possible languages, remember that you’re likely to learn several languages throughout your career, so the language you learn first is less important than deciding what you’d like to build overall. Part 1 covered the benefits of choosing Python, a back-end, open-source language. Now let’s look at the benefits of learning a full-stack language.

JavaScript: Go Full Stack

JavaScript’s popularity has exploded in recent years, and holds the top spot in 2016’s list of the 15 most popular languages used on GitHub.

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Companies Built on JavaScript

Jobs for JavaScript Developers

  • Full-Stack Software Developer
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Front-end Software Developer
  • Front-end Engineer
  • Javascript Developer
  • Node.js Developer
  • Web Designer/Developer

Salaries of JavaScript Developers

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How to Learn Full-Stack JavaScript




In these classes, you’ll be learning from experienced software developers who teach the most updated industry techniques and standards, so you can confidently show your modern, professional-grade code to potential employers.

As for what students can do after finishing our advanced Code 401: JavaScript course, front-end developer and instructor Brian Nations said, “If graduates wanted to build a version of Twitter or Instagram at the end of this class, they’ll be able to do that. They’re going to make projects that function incredibly well, and look really good.”

From polishing your resume and LinkedIn profile to perfecting your interview skills, this course covers the technical and soft skills you’ll need to excel.

So why learn JavaScript? If you want to build web apps and be able to write code for the front-end and the backend, JavaScript is an ideal language to learn. You’ll be learning a popular language that many tech companies use (and are hiring developers for).

Ready to add JavaScript to your toolkit? Learn More »

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