Meet Allie! From University STEM Professor to Code Fellows Instructor

Hey Allie! Thanks for sharing about your experience as a Code Fellows instructor. You made a career switch into programming — what were you doing before you become a developer?

How did you first get started in software development?

And now you get to help create that supportive community for others! What courses do you teach?

Code 201 students are often novice coders — what are some of the most common struggles you see as they wrap their minds around material that’s completely foreign to them?

Does the fact that you were once in their shoes affect how you teach the material?

What’s your favorite part of teaching here?

As former university professor, what do you appreciate about the education style at Code Fellows?

What new advancements in tech are you most excited about right now?

Anything else you’d like to share with new coders who are thinking of joining your Code 201 class?



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