Meet Caleb: From Tech Management to Software Design Engineer

How did you first find out about Code Fellows?

What courses did you take?

What were you doing before applying enrolling?

Why did you decide to come to Code Fellows over other options?

What was your favorite part of your time on campus? Favorite project?

How did working as a teaching assistant affect your understanding of coding?

You received a scholarship to attend Code Fellows — how did you feel as a Diversity Scholarship recipient, and how did it affect your career change?

Tell us about your new job!

So you had to learn two technologies that you didn’t study at all on campus — how was that process?

What does a typical day look like?

In what ways did your education at Code Fellows (technical or soft skills) help you in your current job?

How did your previous work experience help you as you learned to code, and now as you start your new role?

Any advice for someone else starting to learn to code?

If someone was considering attending Code Fellows, what would you tell them?



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