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New Starter App Launches React Projects Fast

React is growing in popularity, with Instagram, Khan Academy, the New York Times and others using the new library released by Facebook. Ivan Storck, web developer and Code Fellows co-founder, created a React starter app — born out of his own team’s needs — to give others a quick way to launch a new project. He shares about the creation of the project and his take on the influence of ReactJS on the JavaScript community.

What prompted you to create this project?

Who does this template work best for?

What kind of apps does this template help users create?

What skill level do JavaScript developers need in order to use this project?

Do you have updates in mind that you’ll be adding in the future?

I would also like to add a demonstration of how the client-side web app would talk to a REST API server.

Feedback wanted! Should this be a Yeoman Generator? Let me know!

How do you see React affecting the JavaScript language? What kind of impact does it have on the way web apps are built now?

Right now there is a choice of what I am calling “follower” frameworks, like Angular and Ember, which have openly admitted that their second versions are going to be highly influenced by React. Personally, I don’t see the point of waiting around for second versions that aren’t even released yet. React already has a thriving community and large apps in production. It has built the momentum to be a viable production framework.

React encourages you to use ES6 (which has recently been renamed to ES2015) today. With Babel being the de facto standard transpiler, it’s easy to get started on using the most current version of JavaScript. ES6/ES2015 brings a lot of features to the table that make JavaScript a more mature language.

Is there anything else about React or this project you’d like to share?

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