Resource Roundup: Everything You Need to Know Before You Apply to Code Fellows

Thinking about enrolling in a coding bootcamp to give your skills an upgrade and boost your career? To help answer some of your questions about what to expect at Code Fellows — both before you apply, during the program, and after you graduate — we’ve assembled our top articles in one place.

Read on for tips on your application, how to conduct your jobs search, what students thought of the program, and more.

Before You Enroll

The Application

Students are often overwhelmed by the application process and unsure what to expect. On top of having stellar admissions advisors ready to help you navigate the ins and outs of your application, we published these guides to help you nail the process.

Funding Your Bootcamp

Need financing options? Check out the options below (plus advice from our CEO!) for financing, housing stipends, and more to make your time on campus as stress-free as possible.

How to Prepare

The time between accepted and the first day of class is a valuable time that you can use to gear up for class. The more you practice during this time period (however long or short), the easier your first few weeks of class will be.

The Bootcamp

Learning in such a high-intensity environment takes grit and more than a little gumption. Here’s why our curriculum is designed the way it is, and how you can make the most of it.

After Graduation

Once you’ve completed your final assignment and given your last presentation, another challenge is on the horizon: applying for jobs and landing an interview.

Applying for Your New Career

Here’s our advice for getting your foot in the door, nailing an interview, negotiating job offers, and excelling in your new role.

What Students are Saying

Want to know what our students really think of their time on campus, and what advice they have for others? Read the articles below to get a better picture of the learning environment and results at Code Fellows.

If you have even more questions and want to talk to someone in person about learning to code at Code Fellows, get in touch!

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