The 2018 Gift Guide for Software Developers

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4 min readDec 20, 2018

It’s here again! The time of year when we poll the devs in our lives to find out the hottest gifts that the developer in your life would love to find in their stocking.

Just For Fun


Codenames is a multi-player game that tests your team’s ability to figure out the location of your secret agents based on one-word hints, avoiding the assassin and outsmarting the apposing team. It’s easy to learn and great for social gatherings and game nights.

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Super Mario Party

Super Mario Bros will always have a special place in our hearts, and now you can bring back some of the magic with Super Mario Party, a multiplayer game with 80 mini games to play with the Nintendo Switch. This portable game lets your favorite dev take Mario and Luigi with them wherever they go.

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Mu Complex

Mu Complex is a game on the popular Steam gaming platform that lets developers tap into their hidden hacker side. Because so much of a developer’s work is spent in intense concentration with tight deadlines, it can provide a helpful recharge to have an outlet that reminds them why they fell in love with “hacking” in the first place.

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The Latest Gadgets


For the fitness-focused, this tracker helps the user keep tabs on sleep trends, workout recovery, and other health-focused data. Since developers spend a lot of their time sitting and looking at a screen, it can be incredibly helpful to have additional intel into their health.

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Not into fitness trackers that pin on or go on the wrist? Check out Motiv, the waterproof smart ring that syncs with smartphones, tracks sleep and heart rate, and much more. We mentioned above the importance of tracking your health when you’re in a job that has you sitting at a desk a large portion of the day, and more variety in wearables means it’s easier than ever to find a health tracker that works for your favorite dev’s lifestyle and preferences.

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Laser Cutters + 3D Printers

Since developers spend a lot of time laser-focused on code, it’s helpful to have an activity that lets the user build something with their bare hands. Laser cutters and engravers like the Glowforge have a steep price tag, but pairing its cutting-edge (pun intended) technology with a 3D printer means that almost anything can be created with the right materials and a little imagination.

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Dot & Dash

The generation that grew up with iPhones and iPads will have no problem figuring out the user interface of new technologies and apps, but getting them behind the screen and intrigued by the way the technology is built will help them develop skills for the future. If you’re shopping for a younger tech-savvy audience, check out this programmable robot that encourages creativity and innovation.

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Education & Career


Do you have a JavaScript developer in your life? Consider getting them a subscription to! This platform helps developers strengthen their foundation in JavaScript and stay abreast of changes in the language.

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Frontend Masters

Another great resource for developers is Frontend Masters, a subscription-based learning platform for all things front-end development. Not only are new frameworks released on the regular, but established frameworks and languages are frequently updated. It’s a lot for anyone to keep up with, but tools like Frontend Masters make it easier to find out the latest improvements in the tools they use.

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Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

This second edition of this programming staple was just released, just in time to slip one under the tree for developers who want to improve their craft and learn how to refactor their code well.

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Django 2 Web Development Cookbook

This book helps Python programmers learn and leverage the power of Django, a frequently used framework in the Python ecosystem.

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Got another holiday gift idea we should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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