What to Expect After Code School, Part 1: I Graduated! Now What?

By: Steven Bateman

The Job Hunt

Following my graduation from Code 401: Advanced Software Development in Full-Stack JavaScript in February 2017 and a stint as a lead teaching assistant at Code Fellows in March and early April, I decided to devote myself full-time to seeking a job. I worked on a couple of personal projects, focused on diving deep with React and Redux (Angular 1.x being the MO at the time I graduated), and made use of Code Fellows resources to branch out and seek assistance.

How personal should personal projects be?

I had two major projects that I worked on between April and August. One was called Local Tourist. At its core, Local Tourist was spawned from the idea of, “I want to go out, but I don’t know where to go, and browsing Yelp or Google reviews is not doing it for me.” The other project spawned from the NG-Adventure project done for a 401 JS assignment. It was essentially a text-based multiplayer game with real-time interaction where you explored the world via a command line interface.

Making use of resources

The position I ultimately was hired for was actually sent to me by my wife while she was randomly browsing job postings online. However, before that ever came about, I also contacted partner companies through Code Fellows. I went to the Code Fellows reverse job fair. I hit up the WTIA Draft Day event that was pointed out to me by Code Fellows. I sought out resume review through the career coaching they offer. If a Code Fellows alumni worked at a company I applied to, I set up informational interviews with them.

The Interview

You made it past the phone screening, you’ve been called in for an interview. Awesome! Now what?

Before the interview: research!

You will be asked why you want to work for a given company, so you need to have a better answer than, “I need a job.” You will be asked if you have any questions for them, so you need to have a better answer than, “Nope.” You will be asked how you would handle a zombie apocalypse, so you need to have a better answer than, “What?”

What do the questions really mean?

You might be wondering what was up with the zombie apocalypse question. That was a question I received at one of my interviews: “You wake up, you look outside, your neighbors are out on your lawn, one of them’s eating the other one. It’s the zombie apocalypse, they haven’t noticed you yet, what do you do?”



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